Fraud Alerts

Our Fraud updates page was created in order to make you "our member" aware of the phishing scams that have targeted various other members of this or other credit unions. Orlando Federal Credit Union does not solicit personal and or financial information via email/text/phone. We ask you to forward any suspicious emails to: ofcusupport@orlandofcu.org.


Fraudulent E-Mail: Harland Clarkes.com, March 7, 2012

If you receive an email from "www•harlandclarkes•com" (with an 's') OR if it is forwarded to you:

  2. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK PROVIDED; it contains a malicious link. Opening it could risk you downloading a virus.
On Wednesday, March 7, the Corporate Security Group of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp. became aware that multiple Harland Clarke and Harland Financial Solutions clients had received an email from a sender FRAUDULENTLY claiming to be the iReports Data Warehouse.


"Thank You For Your Business This is a system-generated e-mail to let you know that your order is now completed and an invoice available to view in the Harland Clarke iReports Data Warehouse.

Please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your internet browser to view or print invoices online in accordance to the procedure(s) established within your organization.

<link removed for safety>

The choice to view invoices electronically means greater efficiency and convenience for you and your organization. With iReports, once posted, you can access your invoices at any time.* Even better, past invoices are maintained for you in a convenient electronic database.

If you would like assistance accessing the database, please contact your organization's iReports administrator.

If you are interested in discussing other Harland Clarke solutions, such as our industry-recognized security services and award-winning marketing service programs, please contact your Harland Clarke Account Executive.

Best regards,

Harland Clarke Client Support

*The iReports database is consistently monitored and undergoes periodic technical enhancements. This work is normally conducted during hours when there is reduced user activity.


Fraudulent Text Message: Suntrust, March 25, 2012

FWD:(9175745265) (S)(U)(N)_(T)(R)(U)(S)(T) SGVK alert 395771.Please call <number omitted for safety>

When the number is dialed, it states that there is a problem with your debit card, please enter your debit card number and other personal info.