GreenPath Financial Wellness

Orlando Federal Credit Union is partnering with GreenPath, to make the American Dream a reality.

Let a financial expert at GreenPath guide you through life’s financial challenges. The call is free and there are no obligations.

GreenPath is a non-profit company that equips people with knowledge and tools to lead financially healthy lives.  They can partner with you to ease financial stress, manage debt, save for the future, make informed financial decisions, and achieve your financial goals.

GreenPath offers personalized assistance with:

  • Budgeting and money management - members receive comprehensive spending and money management advice, including ways to increase income and reduce expenses.
  • Debt repayment - a structured repayment plan may be an option for Members struggling with credit card debt. A Debt Management Plan may stop collection calls, lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, and waive late and over-the-limit fees.
  • Housing Counseling - GreenPath is approved by HUD to assist Members with pre-purchase home buyer preparation, reverse mortgage counseling, and forclosure prevention.
  • Understanding your credit report and how to improve your score- Members will receive a credit report review, learn how to dispute inaccurate information, and understand credit scoring.
  • Avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession - a certified financial counselor will review Member's individual situations and make recommendations.
  • Student Loan Counseling - GreenPath can help borrowers evaluate their student loan repayment options and strategies. Enhanced services are available for those needing additional assistance with their loan servicers.

Call Toll Free 877.337.3399

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 10:00pm
8:00 am - 7:00pm
9:00am - 6:00pm